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Arrowsmith Program:                             

Discover the 'why' behind your child’s struggles at school

The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive program for students with learning disabilities. Based on neuroscience research, the program addresses learning disabilities by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities.

Most programs for students with learning disabilities focus on teaching compensatory skills or strategies, or makes changes in content to be mastered. Instead the Arrowsmith Program focuses on rebuilding the learning capacity of the student by repairing or creating new pathways in the brain. Think stroke victims who re-learned to walk, feed themselves, or even talk again by building new connections in their brains. Medicine and science are telling us that it is never too late for the brain!

Nineteen areas of cognitive weaknesses have been identified by Arrowsmith research. Extensive testing identifies those cognitive functions causing the learning dysfunctions of our students. A personal learning plan of exercises is built to stimulate and rebuild the weak areas. Strengthening these weak cognitive capacities enables our students to become more effective learners. Our students no longer need to compensate for their learning disabilities. Strengthening these weak areas also enables our students to become more confident and self-directed.

Being in Arrowsmith is hard work! Most of our students are of average or above average intelligence, yet have struggled with even the simplest learning processes. Self-confidence plummets. Dyslexia, an umbrella term which covers reading difficulties, is affected by four cognitive areas, each of which contributes to a student’s struggle or success with reading, spelling, or writing. Large amounts of time in concentrated daily effort for three or four years are required to build the new processes needed to change his/her brain. That requires a truly motivated student.

Review our brochure (1010 KB, PDF) to explain the program in more detail. You may also view the main Arrowsmith website at

If you have any additional questions, please call the school office – 616-243-8998.

Thank you,
, Principal
, Arrowsmith Teacher