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Student Support Services

St. Stephen prides itself on our achievements that are built around educating the whole child. We are accredited by the Michigan Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association and have been awarded the National Catholic Education Association’s Outstanding Home and School Association Award.

In addition to reading, mathematics, science, social studies and religion, we offer foreign language studies, computer science, art, physical education, choir and band. We provide accelerated course work for students who need to be challenged at a higher level as well as resource specialists to support students who may need additional assistance with classwork. We also offer the area’s only Arrowsmith Program, focused on rebuilding the learning capacity of students with cognitive challenges.

Keeping up-to-date with evolving technology is an integral part of our students’ learning. Our computer Mac lab, media center and extensive enrichment programming enhance and underscore classroom curricula and bring “real-world” experiences into the academic setting.

The learning environment is further enhanced by state-of-the-art sound-field FM systems in each classroom, document cameras, iPad cart, projectors, SMART Boards and laptops for every middle school student.