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Welcome to Kindergarten!

St. Stephen Kindergarten program is a child-centered program providing a secure environment which assists all children to become self-confident, capable learners. The program is grounded in the religious philosophy and academic expectations of St. Stephen School. It is designed to provide students with a variety of experiences which afford them opportunities to develop academic, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social skills.  

Our Kindergarten provides a loving, formal structure for prayer, reading readiness, basic math skills, scientific discovery, music, art and socialization. Students participate in daily read-alouds, reading in small groups using predictable texts and using inventive spelling during writing workshop. Our math instruction exposes students in a hands-on format to a variety of curriculum-based mathematical concepts.

Weekly Specials Schedule

Art- Tuesday & Thursday
Music- Tuesday & Thursday
P.E.- Monday & Wednesday
Spanish- Monday & Thursday
Technology- Monday & Friday


  • To promote an awareness and understanding that a generous, loving God created all things and loves all things. 
  • To help children develop a positive self concept, celebrate their abilities, and see themselves as capable, successful learners.
  • To facilitate each child’s development by providing meaningful experiences appropriate to their developmental level.
  • To facilitate each child’s unique way of knowing, understanding and learning.


Students must be five by September 1st of the school year.

Please contact the school office at (616) 243-8998 to register.