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School Uniform

Dress Code

St. Stephen School students are to be well groomed, neat, and clean. Distracting clothing, hairstyles, make-up, and jewelry are not permitted. Dangling earrings may not be worn for safety reasons. Students must bring shoes to change into if boots are worn to school. Proper shoes must be worn for physical education activities.

Students, except Preschool and Young 5's students, must dress in accord with the school’s Uniform Code. Students who do not comply with the school’s Uniform Code will have their parents notified to bring proper attire to the student or take the student home for changing into proper school attire.

School Uniform Policy (34 KB, PDF)

School Plaid Uniforms, shirts, pants and sweaters can be purchased at:

St. Stephens Red PlaidLands' End

It is the Red Plaid for our school.
The school code is 900090887.

Returns can be done through Sears at Rivertown Mall.

You can also purchase shirts, pants and sweaters at:
Old Navy