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Room Parents

Each year we enlist the help of parents to be the representatives for each of our classrooms. The room parents will assist the teachers with classroom communications, planning of events or holiday parties for example. During the first week of school, you will receive an email notification of who the room parents are for your child's class. Please consider volunteering for this position!
Contact  with questions or to volunteer.

Room Parents 2018/2019

Pre-school 3’s – Keri Lorenz & Alexandra Sarnacki
Pre-school 4’s AM – Shana Donovan & Cassandra Kelly
Kindergarten – Kristina Klisz & Kristine Bersche
1st – Teresa Cereska & Kelli Walker & Stephanie Brewer
2nd – Bridget Maher
3rd – J’Nai Klein & Kristine Bersche
4th – Amy Barrett & Nikki Malski & Kelli Walker
5th – Rhonda Markham & Kristina Klisz
6th – Stacy DeGuzeman & Andi Davis
7th – Wendi Moore & Stephanie Stotts
8th – Heather Koole & Tricia Mcintyre
Arrowsmith- Stacie Rublein & Michele Kruegel