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Executive Order 2020-142

Non- public School Preparedness and Response Plan

Executive Order 2020-142 provides a structure to support all schools in Michigan. Read the COVID-19 (432 KB, PDF) Non-public School Preparedenedd and Response Plan for our school.

Kent ISD Covid-19 Dashboard- Make sure you select "Nonpublic School"  as District Type and "Diocese of Grand Rapids" as District on the righthand side.

Here is the link to the most current toolkit:

New guidance from the CDC regarding the need to quarantine following vaccination:

MDHHS and KCHD are reviewing new guidance from the CDC regarding the need to quarantine following vaccination.  While the decision to implement this guidance locally has not yet been finalized, we want to provide this information for planning purposes and will notify schools immediately once that decision has been made.

Per the newest CDC guidance,  if a person has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two doses appropriately spaced) and two weeks has passed since their last dose,  they are considered immune for three months.  This means that if they are identified as a close contact to a person who is COVID-19 positive, they do not have to quarantine.  This is a very significant change and hopefully will allow more staff/teachers to remain in school who might previously have had to quarantine.  A more in depth explanation is attached, or can be found here:

 How will this new guidance impact contact tracing reporting from the schools? 

It is very likely that a staff person or teacher will  meet the above criteria and therefore will not be required to quarantine if they are a close contact to a COVID-19 positive person.  The schools will have two options regarding how to determine who meets the criteria:

  • The school can communicate with the staff person that they have been identified as a close contact and then allow that person to self-report that they meet the exemption because of their vaccination status.  Schools should then ask to see their vaccination cards to verify that they still fall within the three month window.
  • The school can maintain a list of their school personnel who have been vaccinated and the dates of their vaccines.  Then if a person is a close contact and they fall within the three month window, they would not be reported as a close contact and would not have to quarantine.

When preparing the spread sheet to submit to the Health Department, schools should not include the names of people who are exempt from the quarantine requirement due to vaccination status.


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