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Awards & Honors

Award - MANS

MANS Accredited School

St. Stephen School is fully accredited by the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS). A MANS accreditation indicates that St. Stephen School provides a quality education to all students and that through a process of self-study and external evaluation we are always in the process of improving and growing. Accreditation is awarded every seven years. St. Stephen's accreditation was renewed in the Fall of 2014.

Award - NCEA

NCEA Distinguished Home and School Association Award

Each year, the NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) Department of Elementary Schools honors Home and School Associations who have created outstanding programs to enhance the life of the school community. Our Home and School was awarded and recognized in 2005 for our innovative and outstanding fund raising program, Education First. Our Education First Program encourages students to grow spiritually, academically and in Christian character. Students participating in the program give back to their community while earning funds for St. Stephen School.