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Academics & Curriculum


St. Stephen School offers a dynamic learning environment. Our school is accredited by the Michigan Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association and has been awarded the National Catholic Education Association’s Outstanding Home and School Association Award.

The St. Stephen community is proud of its commitment to educate the whole child.  Small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to provide the instruction, attention, and guidance necessary to help students reach their full potential. Traditionally our students score above the national average in standardized testing and are well prepared for the challenges of high school.

We offer excellence in academics for all learning levels, including accelerated programs, a dedicated resource room, and the Arrowsmith School Program, an internationally recognized program for students with learning disabilities which focuses on rebuilding the learning capacity.  In addition to the core subjects:  religion, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, we offer specialized instruction in Spanish, technology, art, physical education, music and band. Additional support services includes: an Enrichment Teacher who works with students above grade level, Reading Specialist, and a school counselor.


Preschool (150 KB, PDF)

Young Fives (152 KB, PDF)

Kindergarten (156 KB, PDF)

1st Grade (157 KB, PDF)

2nd Grade (161 KB, PDF)

3rd Grade (170 KB, PDF)

4th Grade (171 KB, PDF)

5th Grade (166 KB, PDF)

Middle School (183 KB, PDF)