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St. Stephen athletics complement our school, church and home in the development of the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Activities of the program are for the benefit of the students and are suited to their age and physical growth. The program is developmental in its approach and encourages participation regardless of skill level.

Students in grades 5th - 8th are eligible to participate in team sports which include:
Girls: Volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, softball and soccer
Boys: Football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and baseball
Co-ed: Cross-country and track

Athletic Association

SS Athletic Board 2014-2015

 - Athletic Director
 - Principal
 - President
 - Vice President/Treasurer
 - Secretary
Mark  Daniels - Board Member
Andy Vandeboegh - Board Member
Stephanie Stotts - Board Member
Kori Wilson - Board Member


GRACEAC Oversees the elementary athletic programs for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI. One of the primary goals of GRACEAC is to facilitate the development of student athletes who genuinely display the Christian qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play in every aspect of life.

Visit the GRACEAC website for the latest on all Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council events and updates.