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Board of Directors

At St. Stephen School, the planning committee was combined with two other standing committees to form a Policy, Planning, and Mission Effectiveness Committee, which followed the recommended process for developing this Strategic Plan (126 KB, PDF) and by-laws (1 MB, PDF)

The Board of Education is now accepting applications for membership (156 KB, PDF). Individuals from the parish or school community are asked to complete the Board of Directors Application and turn it into the school office


, Chairperson
Sheila Knopke, Vice Chairperson
Karla Finn, Secretary

Directors (in alpha order)

Deacon Doug Braun**
Father Tom Brown
John Finn - Building and Grounds (Chair)
Karla Finn - Executive Committee / Marketing & Communications / Athletic Association**
Jen Hile - Home and School*
Nan Hoerner - Development (Chair)
Sheila Knopke - Executive Committee / Mission Effectiveness (Chair) / Planning and Policy (Chair)
Kevin Stotts - Executive Committee (Chair) / Recruitment of Board Members
David Strong - Finance (Chair)
Cindy Thomas - Principal / Executive Committee 

* Ex-Officio with voting privileges
** Ex-Officio without voting privileges